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Full Annotated Bibliography

For your convenience, this page lists all readings and articles referenced in each section of the Toolkit, plus a few additional ones, grouped by topic area.  Each citation includes a description of the article.  Click View all Citations to see … Continue reading

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Mentoring and Your Career:
Readings and Articles

Chandler DE, Kram, KE. Enlisting Others in Your Development as a Leader. In: Self‐management and leadership development. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc; 2010: 336‐361. This is an excellent article highlighting the role of relationships both in enhancing a person’s … Continue reading

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Mentoring and Your Career:
Learning Pearls for Mentors and Mentees

Creating Developmental Networks The Developmental Mentoring Network is a framework for career development and mentoring that has evolved from traditional conceptualizations of hierarchical, dyadic, intra‐organizational mentoring relationships to a contemporary perspective of multilevel, multiple, networked relationships that are intra‐ and … Continue reading

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Learning Pearls for Mentors and Mentees

Exercise: Creating Developmental Networks

Key Phrases: The power of developmental networks “Knowing thyself” and knowing your context Enlisting developers, regularly re‐assessing This exercise is based on the Developmental Network Model by Professor Kathy Kram, PhD (Boston University School of Management) and adapted for academic … Continue reading

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Mentoring & Career Development

This section covers frameworks for career development and strategies for mentors to build career paths in academic medicine. It also includes an exercise on developmental networks, small groups of mentors, mentees, and other individuals who provide regular advice and support to … Continue reading

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