In 2008, the Center for Faculty Development & Diversity of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital developed the Faculty Mentoring Leadership Program (FMLP) to provide a peer-learning and skill development course for experienced faculty mentors.  Faculty with at least five years of  mentoring other faculty members were invited to participate in the program, which aims to improve mentoring effectiveness and develop a “community of mentors” across the hospital’s many departments.

Each year the FMLP has used a nine-session curriculum, provided in monthly interactive meetings, to focus on topics related to different parts of the mentoring experience and a variety of mentoring issues and skills.  Based on participants’ own experiences as mentors and mentees, over the past three years the Program has developed a series of composite cases to illustrate different mentoring topics and issues, outlined a series of “learning pearls” about each topic, and assembled a selective bibliography of readings on mentoring.

The course directors of the Faculty Mentoring Leadership Program have co-authored a paper on the program entitled, “The development, implementation, and assessment of an innovative mentoring leadership program for faculty mentors,” published in Academic Medicine in December 2012. For more information, please see the Faculty Mentoring Leadership Program Curriculum Guide (PDF).

The BWH Mentoring Toolkit, developed using the materials created through FMLP, is designed to be an interactive resource for mentors and mentees.  The Toolkit includes resources that can be used for assistance with day-to-day issues that come up in mentoring relationships, as well as for use in courses or seminars on mentoring and related areas.

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How to Navigate the Toolkit

You can use the top bar menu to identify the major sections of the Toolkit.  Hover over each chapter to see the different categories of materials available.  Each section includes:

  • Learning Pearls for Mentors and Mentees: A summary of concepts, tips, and background on the topic
  • Readings and Articles: Annotated bibliography of selected readings to gain more information on specific topics around mentoring
  • Case Studies: Cases developed by BWH faculty relating to each topic area.  Most cases were developed originally for use in our Faculty Mentoring Leadership Program.

Other resources and tools are available under the More Resources menu, including:

We also provide a full annotated bibliography by topic under the Bibliography menu.

Other Ways to Find What You Need

You can search for materials and information by Type or by Topic, located on the right side of each page. Use the Search by Type option to find the cases or learning pearls, etc. for each topic area.  Or, just use the general Search widget on the top of the side bar.

Requesting Permissions and Other Questions

For those interested in utilizing resources from the Toolkit for institutional activities, please complete this request form. Please attribute all materials used to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Center for Faculty Development & Diversity. You may email us at with any questions.

*Note: In the materials that follow, for the sake of clarity and concision we have consistently used female pronouns when referring to mentors and male pronouns when referring to mentees.