360 Feedback Tool for Mentors


360 Feedback is a development tool to help employees recognize strengths and weaknesses and become more effective.  Feedback is typically collected from an individual’s immediate work “circle” of peers, subordinates, and superiors.  The notion of the feedback being provided from a full spectrum, or circle, derived the term 360⁰ Feedback.  A 360⁰ may include a self-evaluation.

The 360⁰ Mentor Feedback tool was developed by the fourth cohort of the Faculty Mentoring Leadership Program (FMLP) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to provide 360-feedback to Mentors.  The value of the 360⁰ Mentor Feedback process is to provide specific feedback to a mentor about his/her effectiveness as a mentor.  By design, it is not a formal performance evaluation.


Initiate: The 360⁰Mentor Feedback process may be initiated by the Mentor him/herself, or in combination with his/her chief, supervisor, coach or mentor.

Recruit Coach: Mentor recruits an individual (referred to as the “Coach”) who agrees to collect and synthesize the feedback.  Coach need not be superior or subordinate but should be someone who is invested in the Mentor’s success and has a commitment to the 360⁰ Mentor Feedback process.

Identify Areas for Development: Mentor, in concert with the Coach, identifies the areas or topics he/she is most interested in receiving feedback for development.

Identify Circle:  Mentor identifies ~ 5-10 individuals, from a circle of relationships, to provide feedback.  The feedback could be collected from Mentees (not necessarily subordinate in the traditional hierarchy), peers and, as appropriate, supervisors.  Each identified circle member should have experience with or observation of the Mentor in his/her capacity as a mentor.

Develop Questions:  Mentor develops ~ 5-10 open-ended questions to pose to Mentor’s identified circle. Questions are intentionally open-ended, with the expectation that the feedback be specific and include examples of behaviors, to be of greatest value to the mentor. Click here for sample questions.

Invite Participation: Mentor invites participation from identified circle and introduces Coach to contact for questions.  This assures anonymity of responders which may, in turn, lead to more honest and valuable feedback. Click here for a sample invitation.

Optional Self-Assessment: A self-assessment may also be incorporated, whereby the Mentor is included in the “circle” and completes assessment of his/her behavior.

Distribute Questions:  Coach distributes questions to identified circle and provides timeframe for response.  Click here for a sample letter.

Collate Feedback: Coach collates feedback and summarizes key themes without reference, judgment or bias.

Coach on Feedback: Coach meets with Mentor to discuss feedback, facilitate conversation and provide clarification, again without reference, judgment or bias.

Prepare Development Plan: Mentor prepares a plan for development of his/her behavior as a mentor informed by 360⁰ feedback and coaching.

SAMPLE 360⁰ Mentor Feedback Questions

Additional 360⁰ Resources