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Effective Feedback and Difficult Conversations:
Readings and Articles

Bonetta L. “Writing a Letter of Recommendation.” Addendum to Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty. Second edition. Burroughs Wellcome Fund‐Howard Hughes Medical Institute; 2006: 1‐17. A helpful collection of “tips” for … Continue reading

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Case: Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Key Phrases: Relying on one mentor is not enough Advising, supervising, and mentoring Developmental and technical mentoring Effective mentoring contracts and regular re‐assessments Chris’ Perspective Chris was very excited about his new junior faculty position. Helen, the division chief, seemed … Continue reading

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What is Mentoring?
Learning Pearls for Mentors and Mentees

Components of Being an Effective Mentor Wanting the mentee to succeed and facilitating the mentee’s success Promoting the mentee’s career, independent of your own Providing a broad spectrum of advice – including career and technical Bolstering the mentee’s capacity Encouraging … Continue reading

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Learning Pearls for Mentors and Mentees